DPHS vinyl II 2014/11/18

At last, LP Editions of the 3rd full-length “Det personliga helvetets spiral” are getting printed!
All the LPs will come with an A2 poster, and also Tshirt bundle options are planned to be available with the release.
More info to follow. Meanwhile, enjoy the A2 poster design!
(LP Editions will be released via Art Of Propaganda once again).


DPHS vinyl 2014/11/10

Updates regarding the vinyl, and perhaps something to go along with it, will come very soon.

Gloson 2014/05/01

Do you like sludge-y/doom-y music? Then please do follow my latest musical endeavour Gloson. We're currently working on a 4-track EP that we will be giving away for free when it is done.
If you're into Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Sleep and similar artists then you will definitely enjoy this! If not, then just ignore this post.

Not much more to offer in terms of previews at the moment other than a 15-second teaser, which you will find at the page.

Thank you!


DPHS 2014/02/11


Copies still available at Bandcamp 2014/01/17

Be quick!


31 copies remaining at Bandcamp 2013/11/15

There are currently 31 copies of the latest album still available through the Bandcamp store.
Remember that you are supporting me directly when you are purchasing items through the Bandcamp. Should you want the album to be signed, this can be arranged upon request. Just add a message upon checkout.



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Merchandise in the works 2013/11/10

Merchandise is in the works, and as always Ensamvarg Creative Studio is doing the job.
Stay tuned and check out the Ensamvarg Facebook meanwhile!

Bandcamp discount 2013/09/23

It's discount week! Get a 10% discount from the Bandcamp store, just enter the code "gnosis" upon checkout. Valid until Sunday, September 29th.


Physical copies available at Bandcamp 2013/09/16

And they can be signed upon request if you wish. By purchasing items from the Bandcamp you are supporting me 100% directly.

39 copies remaining as I am typing this post. First come first serve!



iTunes & Amazon available now! 2013/08/29

The latest album "Det personliga helvetets spiral" is now also available on iTunes and Amazon!

Make your purhcase from the links below:

Just to remind that the album is also available via Bandcamp in all formats from FLAC, Wav, Mp3 and the physical copies are also available from my label Art of Propaganda.

You can also stream the album anywhere you want easily via Spotify.


The album is out TODAY! 2013/08/26

Purchase, and stream, the album at:

Bandcamp: http://svartswe.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/1XQSuEAc7aF19g43UnaOEz
Physical copies: http://art-of-propaganda.de/

New song available 2013/08/20

NEW SONG available for streaming at http://svartswe.bandcamp.com/

Pre-order and get "I Bulimia Nervosas välde" and "De ogudaktigas abyss" as MP3's instantly!

New album & website 2013/08/19

New website is now online. Thanks to Ensamvarg Creative Studio for, once again, doing an excellent job!
If you need a presskit you can download it at the website, logo & promo photos in 300dpi.

The new album "Det personliga helvetets spiral" (The downward spiral of a personal hell) is now also complete and has been sent to the printers.

This is, like "Förlorad" was, something completely different from what I've done in the past. The album contains 7 songs following a dark twisted story of a man, which I'm sure you will get your own interpretations out of when you get the booklet and lyrics.

The album features guest appearances of Ulf Nylin (ACACIA) and Seiya Ogino (ACACIA), mixed and mastered by Klas Blomgren who also mixed and mastered the debut album of ACACIA.

The album cover, as well as the full artwork & layout package was completed by Ensamvarg Creative Studio.

The album will be released through a German labl called Art of Propaganda on the August 26th, 2013. Pre-order is available through their website right now, and there will be some merchandise available in the future.

Finally, the digital pre-order is also available at Official Bandcamp.

Stay tuned!

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